After a steady decline in sales for ten years, Bacardi realized it was losing touch with its core consumers in Mexico. They knew they needed to do something impactful to get consumers to rediscover and reengage with the brand, so they launched the "Free Your Zu Zu" campaign.

Kicking off with a tremendously successful teaser campaign that posed the question “What is Zu Zu?” online engagements and wild postings around the country answered with opposing statements such as “Zu Zu is a lie.” and “Zu Zu is truth.” Zu Zu became the buzz around Mexico, with everyone guessing who or what Zu Zu was. Preachers began appearing on the streets telling young people to "Free Their Zu Zu" and Bacardi began appearing at exceptional parties and celebrations in key locations. In the process, Zu Zu got consumers excited about Bacardi again, and had them looking forward to what Bacardi was going to do next. The viral activation moved the needle: sales of Bacardi increased in Mexico and positioned the brand as the number one spirit in the on-premise category.