In 2011, during its second year of a branded partnership with Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, Jeep was looking for a way to connect more deeply with the Call of Duty audience and the gaming community at large. At Activision’s two-day Call of Duty XP conference in Los Angeles, Jeep seized the opportunity to re-define the automotive test drive experience.

Our solution was to mobilize top Hollywood production talent, a squadron of professional stunt drivers, and a team of active-duty Navy SEALs to create an immersive test-drive experience like no other. The resulting Jeep Ops Experience removed all barriers between the participants and the action, taking their favorite game experience to a heart-pounding, seat-clutching level of reality they never expected. With the legendary power and capability of the 2012 Wrangler as its driving force, Jeep brought gamers where they had never before ventured—directly into an epic mission from the soon-to-be-released Modern Warfare 3 video game.