With the launch of the new Nexus One, Google reinforced its reputation for raising the the bar. In addition to the advancements of the device itself, Google changed the way the mobile phone industry operated by matching phones and carriers, rather than selling individual phones exclusively through individual carriers. The Nexus One was Googles first retail product marketed directly to consumers and was available exclusively online. Since it was not yet available in stores, finding some way to generate the "you-can-almost-feel-it" sensation was essential to generating interest and buzz. Through a series of simple yet whimsical interactive animations juxtaposing the high tech phone with low tech hand drawings, Google's storefront gave consumers a virtual 3D feel for the phone and its features.

In conjunction with the 3D tour, we also oversaw production of the main landing page application simulator, mobile site, Facebook content, localization rollouts, and 3D renderings of the Nexus One used across all global marketing efforts.