We teamed up with Killswitch Collective to produce a series of banners ads and videos in support of the "Team Colors" campaign for NIKEiD. The ads, while vehicles of the "Team Colors" campaign, were created as dynamic flash banners that teased the functionality of the main NIKEiD site. Click-thrus led to custom landing page within the NIKEiD website that continued the campaign narrative. Colors were tailor-made to each shoe so the actual shoe created in the Flash banner was available for purchase. Chosen colors were not only applied to the shoe available for purchase, but also to the entire team, showing unity through color. Furthermore, once colors were chosen, users were shown different versions of the same shoe with those particular colors, showing how shoes within a team can be individualized.

Our "Team Color" ads were placed on 13 team-sports-oriented websites and other strategically targeted major websites over the course of several weeks. To propel the online initiative, we also produced a series of high-energy, high-impact videos that served as additional consumer touch points.