Verizon's How Sweet the Sound tour travelled to twelve cities across the country in search of the best gospel choir in America. With eighty-three choirs and over 80,000 attendees, the event was a massive success. To engage tour-goers at the event, we developed the Gospel Karaoke concourse activation.

Deploying Lightcraft, an experimental new technology, we were able use real time keying, panning and zooming to put the consumer seamlessly into the action, singing in front of the previous year's winning choir. Participants were blown away by the "magic" of being transported to center stage. Videos of the experience were pushed to participants' Verizon Wireless mobile devices in under two minutes, and were also available online to share with friends. The best video was chosen by the audience using text-to-vote, and was ultimately played on the big screen during the main How Sweet The Sound performance.